Sarah Jackson

❤️singing & songwriting❤️❄️Snowflake❄️ I smile, joke, talk, and laugh a lot. I trip and bang into things all the time. I'm such a klutz 😊 I'm just surviving highschool 😊 👑Princess MISFIT👑

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I love how the other one is like “whoop, heres my ride”

Get in, loser, we’re going mopping


Steve Harvey losing faith in the human race one family at a time.

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this hit me like a load of fucking bricks.

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Anonymous asked: I feel like you're a really sweet guy in person. You're kind of quiet, until you get comfortable around the people you are with. You're a loyal person, and a super nice human being. You're the perfect boyfriend, and a killer friend in general.


Awe. I’m dying oh my god ily

Anonymous asked: in real life, i feel like if we met we'd be like really shy & awkward at first but then after i think you'd be lovely & we'd get on so well & you'd just be generous and like idk just do cute gestures and just make sure i'm okay & like when we are super comfortable with each other, you'd be like just such an amazing human being & omg, idk i just feel like you'd be a lovely person & an amazing friend/boyfriend (i don't think you'd like me btw, i think this is just what you'd be like with someone)


You guys think to highly of me c:


Why do most boyfriends always leave her as a pregnant teen? The Bible says “Adam and Eve” not “f*ck her and leave”

no-heart-no-hope asked: Sucks how you live so far away. If you were here I'd prob ask you out as soon as i got the chance. But for now im still looking for girls. Just know that you're a huge cutie


well, i have a boyfriend, so even if we lived near each other, you and i would not go out. and you shouldn’t just “look for girls”. you should go after someone you know and are close with! :)

Nails did haha💅✌️❤️
Fun day with my momma and aunt😝✖️✌️